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Alliance Venture has a strong international network of VCs, advisors and industry contacts. Alliance Venture has local presence in Silicon Valley, our Partner Arne Tonning is currently the Investor in Residence at Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley and is an integral part of the Innovation Norway team there. In addition we have a close relationship with Pitch Johnson / Asset Management.

Alliance Venture has a strong local network, which is important for deal flow. We cooperate with the start-up community, research institutions and industry players. Alliance Venture has also built a network of 25 seasoned executives and serial entrepreneurs who are investors in the fund, and can take on functions such as advisors, board members and co-investors in our portfolio companies.

Name Experience
Birger Magnus Schibsted, McKinsey
Thomas Berglund Edvantage Group
Sverre Munck Schibsted, McKinsey
Per Haug Kogstad Tandberg
Trond Arne Aas Funcom
Christian Printzell Halvorsen Finn
Svein Anders Tunheim Chipcon
Gaute Engbakk Creuna
Anders Hvide Pareto
Atle Christiansen Point Carbon, Thomson Reuters
Silvija Seres FAST, Microsoft
Knut Dyremyhr Dynax
Per-Otto Wold Point Carbon, Thomson Reuters
Name Experience
Kjell Ivar Bache KPMG, Opera Software, Labnett
Birger Steen Schibsted, Microsoft, Parallels
Grethe Viksaas Basefarm, Ericsson, SOL
Knut Jørstad Infostream, Tracetracker
Anders Ellefsrud Basefarm, Oslonett, SOL
Geir Førre Chipcon, Energy Micro
Tor Jacob Ramsøy McKinsey
Per-Kristian Halvorsen Intuit, Xerox Parc, HP
Åge Korsvold Kistefos, Orkla, Storebrand
Roger Larsen Fronter, Pearson
Håkon Bertheussen Atmel, Wordfeud
Norbert Høyer SPT Group, Schlumberger
Bo Kähler SINTEF, Fundator
Geirr Lødemel Tvedt Tvedt Development, Bank Norwegian